The CBD Wild West

One of the most frustrating and disturbing issues consumers face in today’s CBD marketplace is the deceptive reporting by some manufacturers regarding the ingredients and amount of CBD in their products.  Presently, manufactured goods containing CBD are not regulated by the FDA, thus allowing for some companies to falsely claim higher than actual amounts of CBD in their products.  In multiple cases, when tested, various “CBD” products have been found to contain very little, if any, CBD.

This issue is further discussed in an article published by CBS News where nine randomly chosen CBD products were tested for CBD content.  The results are eye-opening.  Two of the nine products tested were found to contain significantly less CBD than what was advertised, while another two were found to have significantly more.

This lack of transparency makes it difficult, even potentially dangerous for the CBD consumer.  With few federal regulations, currently the CBD industry truly is the “Wild West”.  However, Royal Leaf strives to be the best in the business, and we pride ourselves in being completely honest with our customers.  Every Royal Leaf Product goes through rigorous third-party testing, and all test results are made available to the public. 

Royal Leaf goes above and beyond industry standards ensuring our customers can feel confident in the Products We Produce.  Although there may be many outlaws in today’s CBD industry, Royal Leaf is proud to be “the new sheriff in town”.