Like you, our team has watched the global hemp industry explode over the last few years. From the sidelines, we consistently encountered many inconsistencies between what people were advertising and the level of quality of their CBD products. We recognized that there was an opportunity to improve the sourcing of CBD by combining top of the line extraction science with the best ingredients nature has to offer.

Farmers, Scientists and Engineers have come together to form Jaxon Technologies' Royal Leaf Brand, a world-class company producing CBD products superior to any other products on the market.

Our Grow Facility & Farms

Combined with some of the most pristine growing conditions in the world, Oregon grown hemp is held to a much higher standard than poorly sourced international hemp. When you buy CBD oil products with CBD extracted from domestic hemp, you know you’re getting nothing but the best in premium hemp.

Farm to Formulation Products

The secret to our superior products is our "Farm to Formulation", Full Spectrum, "Grown in the Oregon Sun" Hemp with zero pesticides or unnatural inputs.